We Work Hard & Aim to Please

Being a first time private lender I had a million questions. Bob showed amazing patience in working with me to fully understand how private lending works, the risks involved (minimal in my opinion when working specifically with Bob and Love Real Estate), and why he utilizes private lending in conjunction with other “traditional” lending methods. He also went in quite a bit of depth on why he chooses the properties he does and the rationale behind it. The first private lending opportunity I invested in went virtually seamless. During the process I learned even more especially as it relates to checks and balances. It was important for me to start with a very short term loan to learn the process and see how everything worked. When that loan was completed I received my principal and interest as contracted. He then asked me if I wanted to invest in another property and to keep my money working for me. Without hesitation I said yes and this will be a longer loan of approximately six to nine months which works well in my timeframe. I look forward to working with Bob and Love Real Estate for the months ahead on this project and for years to come.
Jack G.
Private Money Investor
Love Real Estate is amazing to work with! They work hard to solve problems and do it with a high level of integrity
Mike H.
This team makes the process simple and easy. They have the knowledge and systems to get the job done!
Jake N.
Honesty and integrity are the two words that describe Love Real Estate. HIGHLY recommended.
Winston W.