Timing Your Home Improvement Projects

February 5, 2020

Many real estate investors and homeowners perceive the ‘what to do’ as the biggest challenge in successful home improvement projects, but timing can be just as critical. Get the order of your scope of work wrong and you’ll see returns drop, projects taking a lot longer than expected, and of course plenty of increased frustration, […]


How To Negotiate The Best Possible Deal

February 3, 2020

In real estate it is not enough to simply get the property you desire. If you overpay or the closing is later than you desire, you won’t be able to maximize the bottom line.  It is essential to win every negotiation you are part of. Sometimes, winning means taking the sellers price and closing in […]


8 Home Improvement Projects With A High ROI

January 28, 2020

What Is Return On Investment? Return on investment (ROI) is essentially a data point expressed as a percentage that identifies a project’s validity. In other words, ROI is used to determine which investments will add the most value to a property. ROI can be used to compare different assets, not the least of which include […]


The Short Sale Process – 5 Major Points Distressed Sellers Should Know

January 21, 2020

A lot has changed in the world of real estate over the last decade.As difficult as it may be to believe, the mortgage collapse was over ten years ago. One of the defining terms shortly after the collapse was “short sale”. There is a good chance that even if you were in real estate you […]


Don’t Let Poor Credit Stop You from Investing in Real Estate

January 7, 2020

If investing in real estate was easy everyone would do it. In a perfect world you would begin your career with surplus capital, unlimited leads and a full team at your disposal. The reality is that most investors aren’t afforded these advantages. Almost every investor has at least one major issue they are forced to […]


So……You Inherited a House? Now What?!

December 18, 2019

In the world of real estate, you never know what is on the horizon. There are plenty of times when situation is thrown on your lap completely out of the blue with unfamiliar circumstances. Such can the case with inherited properties. Dealing with an inherited property  or a property in probate can be one of […]


Foreclosure Should be Your Last Option.

December 4, 2019

There are few things more impactful to your financial health than a foreclosure. Aside from a bankruptcy, a property foreclosure is one of the worst things that can negatively affect your credit. Not only does it hurt your credit in the short term, but it has a lasting impact that could take years to recover. […]


Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification

November 20, 2019

Getting approved for a loan is much different than it was a decade ago. In the past there were multiple options and programs for every different income type and down payment. Today there is much more documentation required and everything is much more scrutinized. A seemingly innocent document requested at the 11th hour could cause […]


Don’t Spend a Dime! How to get leads without breaking the bank.

November 6, 2019

The best way to build your pipeline is to increase the number of leads you generate. If you have been in real estate for some time you have probably heard that investing is a numbers game. The more leads you generate the more chances you have of turning a lead into a deal. Real estate […]


5 Challenges Many New Real Estate Investors Face

November 3, 2019

Your perception of real estate is often different from reality. From the outside you can buy any property, make some improvements and walk away with a handsome profit. The reality is that it is difficult to get good deals, make the right updates, find a buyer and close in your timeframe. Additionally, there is almost […]